ARCHICAD offers the best BIM design workflow: ARCHICAD provides a design-focused, creative and intuitive workflow. The tools have rich geometry and their usage is flexible, for maximum design freedom. ARCHICAD covers the entire design process including documentation and publishing out-of-the-box.

As far as other software’s are concern: they are more rigid and far less intuitive workflow. Tools have fewer geometrical capabilities. Element creation and editing are convenient mainly in 2D. There is no flexibility to choose among multiple tools to tackle irregular modeling challenges.

  •   Sketch with Morph, schedule by stories.
  •   Create and edit wall in 3D, curve, slant, change profile on the fly.
  •   Create multi-plane roof or slab with Magic Wand in 3D.
  •   Use 3D cutting planes.
  •   Place objects in 3D with surface sensitivity.
  •   Use Marquee to stretch half of the building.
  •   Priority based automatic connections.

ARCHICAD is one of the leading BIM software applications, innovatively devices for architects, designers, engineers and builders in order to efficiently design, document and collaborate on building projects.

 3D Work      Single Building Model       Easy Documentation

Different Versions: The software is available in 17 languages and 27 localised versions, meeting local layout and documentation standards.

Designing: ARCHICAD offers tools that designers require to explore their inner creative genius, like

  Conceptual Designing with automatic calculation of floor area,

  Design Freedom that lets one create models, which automatically generates elevations, sections and even schedules and

  Algorithmic Design that makes free-form and parametric design easy with the first, bi-directional connection.

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