GIS Enabled Land Data Management

Envision : Land Data Management Application

It is a software solution to Manage and Share GIS Based Data Management of Hi-Tech Townships over CLOUD for ease of Accessibility . It helps the different departments to centralize and digitize all their documents.

The application by the name of "GIS based data management of large projects" is an innovation in this field. This application is hosted over cloud infrastructure in order to free it from the base application i.e Arc GIS. This enables the user who is not proficient with the software or has access to the software to use it freely.

The benefits of integrating GIS application in land management for large enterprises

  • It helps in streamlining and tracking projects better.
  • The information base created is multi-faceted and helps in performing joint project analysis.
  • This immensely helps in sharing information resources and reduces redundant data sets.
  • The inter-departmental communication is improved thus increasing the efficiency and productivity.
  • Land management application when hosted over cloud infrastructure is accessible from anywhere and at any time of the day.
  • Cloud computing of GIS based application is the only software application that combines such a vast array of planning tools.