Construction Accounting Software

Manage complexity and simplify procedures

All our efforts are dedicated to helping you manage complexity and simplify procedures.

STR Vision CPM is designed to detect the size of economic and financial management operations, based on accurate surveys and methods. It has a set of tools designed to detect, organize and to interpret financial and economic information relevant to the formulation of business strategies, the planning and control, and efficient use of resources in support of management decisions (analysis of internal management aspects).

Our software solution elaborates information related to specific objects or areas of organization in order to:

  • 1. Measure the efficiency that is the ability to produce an asset value of goods and / or services with the minimum use of resources.
  • 2. Support decision making situations with convenience and reviews to determine the price of products, choices of "make or buy " a product or service, delete product lines or operating units, evaluate and compare between various production lines in terms of profitability.
  • 3. Do the management control: definition of cost and cost analysis are fundamental to define the standards required for the budget system.

You can also get definitive determinations, which are the basis for comparisons between what has been estimated and the main causes for the variation.

  • 1. Do Budget assessments, for instance the determination of product costs unsold or the determination of multi-annual amortization shares.

Furthermore, STR Vision CPM satisfies every requirement regarding the construction site book-keeping of small works or complex projects. Prints from predefined templates of accounting documents, personalized reports, and direct comparisons with the reference estimate are all features included in our accounting software for construction companies; assist you during your daily work.