Construction Accounting

Construction Cost Control and Accounting in just one solution!

It is no secret that construction cost control starts with an offer based on an estimate.

In order to improve accuracy of the estimate, and obtain more clarity, which could help the decision maker to make better decisions and manage the project effectively. We should go through a unified approach that includes :

  • Filling in an estimate and consequently submit a proposal
  • Organizing a time, plan and schedule, detailing each activity
  • Monitoring and registering unexpected events, price changes or delays in order to track cost changes that could affect the project in terms of revenue.

Instead of having this unified approach most software companies in the market see the single activity such as estimate, scheduling, construction cost control and construction accounting as separate and so they develop software, which solves one thing at a time, different goals for different types of software.

At STR-TeamSystem we see things as you do!

Extensive Project Management is the sum of the single activities that could take place in different moments, but they are all related activities, which form part of your construction project, and which are necessary to bring it to fruition.

To be more precise, submitting an offer for a construction bid is the first step to enable your company on cost control management and the estimate refers to the calculation of the expected costs for a job (estimate), and a list of entries that justify the total price requested.

Often the estimate is essentially a contract proposal that the professional or the enterprise uses to present to customers; therefore, committing themselves to performing the job described in the quote itself, to the figure indicated and in the manner indicated.

The offer is the decisive factor that will determine the beginning of a relationship with a customer.

Once a business relationship is established, it is fundamental for a construction and engineering company to present themselves as a reliable business partner during the accounting phase, which refers to all actions that track or record, measure and document resources once the relationship with your customer has started.

Cost control in construction is the practice of identifying and reducing business expenses to increase profits, a company has to compare actual results to the budget expectations, and if actual costs are higher than planned, management must take action.

In the end, the question is….How many different types of software do you require to perform construction cost control and accounting? Just One…STR Vision CPM.