GIS Enabled License Data Management Paarth Republic, Lucknow

Project Category: GIS

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Size of Project: 82 Acres

Client: Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd

Duration: 30 Days

Project Description

Scope of work of the Project is under mainly 3 items. These are as follows :

Item-1:Preparation of Geo database for GIS Based Data Management of Integrated Township. This includes several processes:

  • (a) Delineation of project boundary
  • (b) Superimposition of Sajra on layout
  • (c) Data attribution to the sajra such as type of land category, status of land.
  • (d) Conversion of layout from GIS platform to ACAD
  • (e) Conversion of excel data related to land and layout into GIS and generating data as per requirement of client
  • (f) Attribution to the layout such as land use names, numbers, plot numbers
  • (g) Digitization and superimposition of survey layer
  • (h) Digitization and superimposition of particular part of Master plan over the layout.

Item-2 :Share GIS Based Data Management of Integrated Township via Cloud Computing and creation of users will be authorized to browse application and can have options to edit layers as customized, Map view, Selection of features, Search and find features, Interoperability of data.

Item-3 :Monthly Updation of Geo database and Web hosting over cloud infrastructure.