GIS enabled license data management for Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

Project Category : License Application

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Size of Project : 3500 Acres

Client : M/s Ansal Hi-tech Townships Ltd.

Duration : 30 Days

Project Description

REPLGIS present a very unique web based application for Licensing Department of Ansal API, Lucknow. RIPL has developed an innovative concept which combines GIS database with online document uploading to Sushant golf city, Ansal lucknow. The concept is being applied on a project to centralize all project related document of license department.

Scope of work:

Item-1: Data input and creation of a Licensing Geo database

Item-2 : Share the Licensing Data of Hi-tech City, Lucknow via Cloud Computing and creation of users will be authorized to browse application and can have options to edit layers as customized, Upload document, map view, selection of features, search and find features, interoperability of data etc.

Item-3 : Monthly updation of Geo database and Web hosting over cloud infrastructure.

Item-4 : Monthly maintenance of Web application.