GIS Mapping & DATA Conversion

GIS plays a dynamic role and serves as a complete platform in every phase of infrastructure life cycle in various field. It will transform the entire ecosystem of public services to the advance digital system through the use of location based technology. It has the ability to provide better information that is faster, cheaper, reliable, readily available, and more understandable, which might lead to better decision making by responsible organization.

  • Generating a very good and effective spatial database
  • Digitization of parcel / cadastral maps, feature extraction from high resolution satellite imageries, attribute data processing
  • Best use of GIS to manage cadastral mapping projects showing the boundaries and ownership of land parcels
  • Has expertise and extensive experience in small or large, simple or complex, partial or entire GIS mapping projects for several industries nationwide

Data Conversion

RIPL is involved in converting large volumes of maps and drawings to digital format with efficiency and minimum possible time period. We manage complex conversion projects, which require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scales.

  • Expertise in digitizing any combination of topographic maps, CAD drawings, satellite imagery, aerial photographs or observations from field surveys
  • Integrated processes for conversion includes scanning, digitizing, data layering, Geo positioning and translation into final output
  • Focus on generating quality-assured digital data to assist the rapid implementation of the project