GIS Enabled Sales & Marketing Application

X Vision Sales and Marketing Data Management Application


GIS Enabled Sales and Marketing Application

is a cloud based software to automate the business process of sales and marketing department. Its primary functioning include the digitization of files & records, generation of reports including Maps functionality using GIS Platform. This application helps the users in input, updation and retrieval of different set of information to perform their daily tasks.

It has proven to be powerful Prospect Capturing & Follow Up tool from the first Phone Call, Email, Site Visit, all information relating to a prospective customer is maintained in this module to give continuity to customer handling across various sales force . The prospect database is useful for profiling customers and using in launch of subsequent other projects. It also enables Automation of the Sales business processes starting from Booking, Allotment, Transfer, Demand Notice, Collection and Recovery Process, Pre Possession, Handover are handled smooth and A detailed Customer History is maintained and available at the press of a key.

Key Features of the Application

  • Maintain Sales Stock: Sold, Available, Blocked, On Hold, un-Released
  • Customer Profile: CRM, Customer interaction Management, Sold Units Management. Customer management via self-service Customer Portal
  • Booking form, creation of payment schedule, receipts against schedule
  • Receipt creation, Interest on Delayed payments, Excess Amounts,
  • Auto Demand letter generation, Payment Reminders
  • Collection reminders and collection aging lists
  • Transfer of units. (Resale)
  • Email Templates: Birthday Wishes, Greetings, Payments, general bulk email to customers, SMS messages, etc
  • Prospecting/pre-sales to sales closure lifecycle of sales mapping