The internet has completely revolutionized the way we do business. It has made communication and collaboration easier than ever before. One of the most important applications of the internet is the online building plan approval system. In order to make the process simpler and to reduce the compliance burden, OBPAS has standardized the process and application form.

Government has envisioned OBPAS to utilize the benefits of information technology to have a single window system for various processes involved in issuance of construction permits of buildings. This system helps in auto approval of all types/categories of plans with “Minimum Human Intervention” to the extent it is possible.

It is capable of analyzing the building plans and generate a set of reports which are comprehensive & easily understandable to all stakeholders.

Some of the key benefits of an online building plan approval system are:

  • It Minimize Human Interventions
  • It automates the traditional cumbersome paper-based process
  • It reads and checks CAD drawings
  • It offers a single window for acquiring building permits, NOCs and clearances from multiple agencies
  • It enables e-governance while maintaining a digitized version of documents
  • It saves time for all the concerned parties by expediting the approval process
  • It brings transparency to the overall approval process
  • It standardizes the process across the organizational levels
  • It provides business intelligence which help in effective decision making.
  • It helps in “ease of doing business model”.

How it is been done?

AutoDCR is an innovative online system that helps government bodies approve construction permit requests. It can read CAD drawings and check for compliance with regulations, as well as track proposals with associated documents and site visits. It can also be accessed through mobile devices.

Who is it for?

  • Smart Cities
  • Municipal councils & corporations
  • Urban Development Authorities
  • Industrial Development Authorities
  • Architects, town planners and consultants

With a firm belief that the online single-window clearance system will not only bring comfort to users, but also be key to the future’s growth. The available set of building projects data can be used for the city’s infrastructure management, disaster management, and safety requirements. Therefore, the online building plan approval system should not be limited to issuing permits, but also seen as a complete data-driven system for infrastructure management.

In conclusion, the online building plan approval system (OBPAS) is so important because it allows for a streamlined and efficient approval process. It also allows for greater transparency and accountability, as well as increased communication between all parties involved.

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