BIM Consultancy Offerings

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process based solution to collaborative approach towards project coordination that is increasingly becoming indispensable for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry. Fundamentally, it is a software driven process which provides the project delivery team with a Virtual 3D visualization of the look & feel of the building that is to be constructed along with additional information from conceptual stage to O&M of any structure, building or infrastructure. Building information modeling further extends beyond 3D, augmenting the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) with time as the fourth dimension (4D), cost as the fifth (5D), estimation as the sixth (6D) and facility management as seventh (7D).
BIM modelling helps in better cost predictions and saving by preventing losses. Since there is a real time and continuous coordination between the stakeholders, BIM also helps in optimizing designs, minimizing errors and improving project timelines. It is also useful in estimation of the future of the project and maintenance requirements.
RIPL consultancy bouquet has BIM as a very essential component. We have been applying it on a range of real estate projects as well as complex infrastructure assignments such as Smart Cities and Metro Rails. The BIM consultancy of RIPL covers entire project life cycle which includes report validation, clash detection, documentation, scheduling, BOQ and project management. Moreover its application spreads across the various aspects of project design and execution –
Architecture BIM
Concept Design; Schematic Design; Detailed Design Engineering; 3D Modeling Navigation
Structure BIM
3D Modelling with BIM structure; Reinforcement Modelling; Clashes an Collisions in Structure; Analytical Structure Modelling
MEP Services
Mechanical; Electrical; Plumbing & Fire Protection
Energy Optimization through BIM
Building Orientation; Building Massing; Daylighting Analysis; Energy Modelling
Value Engineering
Clash Detection & Resolution; Design Optimization & Virtual Commissioning; Facility Management