ERP Solutions

Our ERP offerings are designed keeping in mind the issues that senior management face while trying to objectively understand the current state of various business processes and improve the efficiency and ROI of those process. Our team is skilled at understanding the needs of different customers in the AEC, EPC and manufacturing industries, and we pride ourselves in being able to bring visibility even in the most complex business processes among our client companies.
Our ERP services focus on three important dimensions of business intelligence:
  • Transparency: We design our solutions to map every and any business process so that C-suite executives just have to look into their laptops to gain unmatched insights about their businesses
  • Ease of Use: The success of an ERP implementation solely rests on the comfort of employees in using the system. We design our solutions to create easy to understand and easy to operate pages that people with different skill-sets and experiences can use.
  • Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis: An ERP implementation only comes to fruition if actionable insights can be drawn from the data aggregated by the ERP.
Our solution is unique in its integration with BIM (building information modeling) models. This enables our customers to get end-to-end visibility right from project initiation to designing to construction and finally facility management. This integration with BIM allows our solution to provide un-comparable accuracy in designing and management ensuring a stellar end-product for our customers. In addition, our business intelligence module uses new innovations in data science and machine learning to provide accurate projections and inform management of upcoming delays. More importantly, our analytics tools are designed to use internal data across business functions (from human resources to project management to finance to marketing) and find trends and insights that will never be discovered by other tools.
Our ERP can be your perfect partner in digital transformation across the following departments