OBPAS Solutions

OBPAS (Online Building Plan Approval System) is rapidly transforming the scenario of urban development in the form of digitizing the process of scrutinizing and granting approval to building plans and designs. The system addresses various challenges related to land record management, standardization of design approvals and diverse interpretation of rules by multiple concerned authorities. Traditional methods of approval system resulted in time overrun, cost overrun and non-transparency in process. These hurdles are removed and higher efficiency is instilled in the on-line building plan approval system.
RIPL, in consortium with SoftTech Engineers Limited, is working on development and implementation of OBPAS in UP which covers 28 Development Authorities, 4 Special Area Development Authorities & 7 Awas Avam Vikas Parishads.
RIPL provides support to Development Authorities in hand holding software and supporting architects in submitting the drawing in desired format. Once it is uploaded then software automatically does the scrutiny and approval. It also does auto calculation of fee, streamline building permit application processing, and granting necessary approval for construction. This system provides ICT enabled services to citizens, architects and authority representatives. It is an automated single window system which facilitates hassle free scrutiny and approval of building plans. This is a truly pioneering work that is also taking the e-governance initiatives to a next level.