GIS Consultancy Services

In the fast evolving technological scenario, there is an enormous demand for the storage, analysis, display and management of complex and voluminous data. This has opened new doors for the development and use of Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS technology has become an essential tool for any planning or decision making that involves vast number of sectorial data. GIS solutions are innovative and capable of integrating with processes of any company.
The applicability of GIS has been explored in the field of urban planning earlier but its application in land management & planning; designing & execution of developments like housing complexes, townships, SEZs and FTWZ etc., is a totally new concept developed by RIPL. We provide GIS based data management services for various real estate projects which are hosted over cloud. These are effectively used for land, licensing and sales & marketing purposes. It can handle complex information fed in different layers with ease.
RIPL focuses on helping organizations in creation, conversion, integration and evaluation of data through application of GIS, ERP and other technologies. We provides optimum, business driven solutions by undertaking consulting assignments and offer end-to-end geospatial consultancy and development services. Our GIS consulting covers a wide range of solutions including –