BricsCAD is the cutting edge software, well-known and reasonably priced CAD (computer Aided Design) platform for everyone who create, constructs or manufacturer things. It is a design and technical documentation software solution.

It is designed to be cost effective and completely customizable, with its own LISP capability. It has some fantastic functionality that increase productivity.

  • Built on DWG:
  • Ideal for basic 2D drawings
  • Support both 2D & 3D modelling
  • Compatible with over 400+ 3rd Party Apps:

BricsCAD Powerful AI Tools

Bricsys uses AI and ML to find instance of similar geometry in your files and assist with tedious chores. Building elements may be recognized by BricsCAD automatically, including walls, slabs and columns. On the other hand, this can be expanded to include more specialized types such composites (Curtain walls, stairs, roofs etc) and subtypes (walls, roof slabs, front doors, etc.).

BricsCAD optimizes, when trained to do so, can fill up small gaps between solids and minor modeling defects of course, you are free to disregard, override, or reverse any design recommendation.

  1. Dynamic Blocks and parametric Blocks: AutoCAD dynamic blocks can be used directly within BricsCAD. Control visibility states as well as stretch, flip and rotate just like in AutoCAD. Dynamic blocks can be used, but they cannot be edited or written in BricsCAD. BricsCAD’s parametric blocks control this functionality. Parametric Blocks provide reusable geometry that can be defined once and used repeatedly in both 2D and 3D. Furthermore, you can change the length, width and even visibility state of each parametric block’s insert from a single block definition.


  1. Blockify: An extremely powerful AI tool that converts objects made of polylines and lines into blocks automatically. This applicable to both 2D entities and 3D solids. To batch convert these repetitive sets of entities to block definitions, the blockify tool can search your entire drawing for similar geometrics. Finally, it can do a lot of work for you in a fraction of second. Blocks can be edited after they have been generated using the BEDIT command or by double-clicking the block that needs changings. This allows you to build and change a block definition by displaying the block entities in a temporary drawing session.


  1. Quad Cursor Menu: The BricsCAD Quad Cursor is a complete command system that is accessible at the mouse cursor. It’s an alternative to the command line or toolbars, providing a rich set of tool with fewer clicks and without cluttering the screen with grip glyphs.For example, the rollover tips are a limited set of properties displayed when selecting or hovering an entity. When you hover over an object, the quad become active. You have access to a list of additional tools and commands in addition to the most recent command that was used.
  1. Copy Guided & Move Guided: These AI–guided tools let you use temporary guide curves to automatically align copied or moved things with pertinent geometry. BricsCAD will automatically orient and snap a door to a new wall to another. It will simultaneously heal the geometry of the wall where the door used to be and create a doorway at the new location. Similar to MOVEGUIDED, COPYGUIDED copies the selected entity rather that moving it.
  1. BricsCAD Manipulator: The manipulator is a versatile grip tool that allows you to move, rotate, scale and mirror selected entities quickly. It enables extremely quick and precise intuitive manipulation of an object. It is capable of manipulating both 2D and 3D drawings. You can mirror objects with the manipulator to create copies and /or multiple versions. By using a longer than usual left click to select an object, you can activate the manipulator.

Once the manipulator appears, it has controls to allow you to move it quickly along established axes, planes, or the radius of an arc.

BricsCAD is quick and easy and with its familiar interface it is easy to navigate. Plus all the commands and short keys work the same way. Besides a completely identical user experience, BricsCAD cost much less. Curious about BricsCAD? For more information visit