ArchiCAD is a software tool used by architects in the AEC industry to design buildings from the conceptual to the construction phases. Ghraphisoft created BIM software that allows architects to work in a BIM environment. It is compatible with both macOS and Windows. Each ArchiCAD version has a signature building that was created in ArchiCAD.

One of the ArchiCAD signature building is Bamble Junior High School, Stathelle, Norway. It is designed by Spinn Arkitekter and the area in which building is developed is 14,633 m2

Through research, counselling, and the creation of multipurpose school buildings, Spinn Arkitekter works to advance innovation, technology, and competency development. Their dedication to sustainability is best demonstrated by the fact that they only use natural resources, including the first solid wood swimming pool built in Norway. Everything was done digitally there. They collaborate using Google Doc and ArchiCAD, two deliberately simple platforms that enable the team to retain the most data.

ArchiCAD enable them to go from Sketches to complex models quickly. Moving from 2D to 3D. It also allowed them to use BIM functionality to keep track of areas and costs even in the early phase. By using ArchiCAD, the team was able to present the construction team with a model that could be priced, allowing them to present an environment friendly design that was also competitively priced. The output came out was magnificent. The student in the classroom can see green outside. Even the furnishing can be moved around so that there would be lot of ways to sit, move around, change and create new spaces.

Making intricate layouts and managing space is simple with ArchiCAD. With the use of the ArchiCAD curtain wall tool, the projects elaborate patterns on the school’s exterior designs as well as its eye-catching razzle-dazzle pattern were recognized. The preliminary sketches, early phase sketches, and production model—which determined how the panels were cut and numbered—all readily included the original sketches.

Area control was another aspect of the project that ArchiCAD and BIM boosted. They had stored their files in the cloud, where multiple designers could collaborate on the same file using team work. ArchiCAD and their digital workflow allowed designer to expand over time.

There are 28 language versions of ArchiCAD. These translations do more than simply translate the same interface; the architectural content and tool settings are also tailored to the regional market.

A standalone piece of software, ArchiCAD can be utilized on its own. However, it is deeply integrated with GRAPHISOFT’s ecosystem, which also includes products like BIMcloud and BIMx enabling effective and pleasurable work as well as seamless collaboration with AEC stakeholders in an OPEN BIM workflow.

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