Sep 13, 2022

Software & AEC Sector

Construction Industry has gone massively digital today, and procedures streamlined, from planning to execution of final delivery. The emphasis is not on isolated approaches but on an interconnected framework and application of holistic network that interacts and communicates with each other.
For a long time, the country’s technology providers like RIPL have pioneered the cause, compelled authorities, assisted the industry players to turn to technology in the construction and development of their projects. Although critical projects obviously saw widespread use of technology, the lesser critical ones most often did not. Instead, a few years or decades later, it was impossible to do so when the authorities tried to sort out the underlying pipelines or wiring network underneath such now-old projects. These conditions are turning eye-openers.
Throughout the years, the Indian government has been plagued with billions in project cost overruns. There could be other explanations. However, using technologies such as BIM & CPM today reduces construction time by saving about 20% of the overall cost of the infrastructure project. Software tools enhanced planning performance, cost estimate, scheduling, and project management. Over the past several years, AEC professionals and projects have gained greatly from the wide adoption of innovations like cloud computing, reality modeling, and advanced analytics.
Construction software tools have significantly improved the construction sector in terms of profitability, quality and competitiveness. The features of software are as below –
Although it is true that the costs of building management software can require much more than traditional software, the usability and automation advantages provided by such systems can help businesses save money in the longer term. Many recognized problems are solved with construction management software, and with the variety of resources that usually come with these applications, additional software purchases are held to a minimum. These investments can be quickly recouped in view of the cost savings, time saving and increase effectively in competition resulting from using these solutions.