CGS Labs

RIPL partnered with CGS Labs for distribution of advance specialized Software applicable in Roads, Railways & River Engineering. These software are developed to provide solutions in the field of planning, construction, management and maintenance of building and advanced weather information systems to support the maintenance of transport infrastructure. CGS Labs is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Road Planning & Designing Software:

1. Plateia:

Design and rebuilding of roads using BIM–ready technology with intuitive user Interface and operations makes Plateia very easy to use. Its tools support the entire design process, from the input of survey data to the design of complex 3D road models and documentations.


2. Autopath:  A professional software solution for vehicle swept path analysis. Autopath allows for the simulation and analysis of vehicle manoeuvres, as well as 3D vehicle animation. It used by civil engineers, transportation professionals, architects, and urban planners. Its carefully designed UI makes Autopath a distinguished product. Service for designing complex custom vehicles and high-level technical support makes Autopath the product of choice for professionals worldwide.


3. Auto Sign: It is a professional traffic signal design software solution for Civil 3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD. It creates comprehensive documentation, layouts and reports. It create complex plans, reports 3D (BIM) objects and realistic renderings. It includes extensive collections for country specific traffic sign libraries and road markings with intuitive user interface.


4. Plateia Traffic Collection:  It is a Collection of BIM-ready productivity applications for site design, traffic signalization design and planning and vehicle swept path analysis. It is an add-on for Civil 3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD that assists road designers and traffic engineers in greatly reducing the time required to complete their projects.


Railways Planning & Designing Software

1. Ferrovia: It is a BIM-ready professional solution for railway design and rail track analysis that adheres to country- specific guidelines. It supports BIM workflows and process as well as the IFC standardized data format, thanks to its flexible dynamic data model.

It offers tools for designing alignments and profiles detailed across sections turnouts, and connections. Users can use alignment and profile regression analysis tools to perform comprehensive rail track realignment and tamping machine guidance. 

Intuitive user interface makes Ferrovia fast to learn and easy to use.


River Engineering Planning & Designing Software

1. Aquaterra: It is a professional channel and river engineering design program. It combines hydraulic calculations from MIKE FLOOD and HEC-RAS with flood protection design, torrent and landslide management, and irrigation system design. It supports BIM workflows and procedures as well as the IFC standardized data format, thanks to its flexible dynamic data model.

The project’s design is facilitated by Aquaterra at every level, from conceptual research to detailed design. The user may easily create a 3D solid model of the river bed and river bank using the river axis, longitudinal and cross-sections data compute amounts and make printed documentation. Its intuitive user interface make Aquaterra fast to learn and easy to use.