Dec 14, 2022

BIM Software: Archicad

BIM software which is widely used by the architect is Archicad as it was the first one to reach the market in 1987. Here are some of the aspects which make you think to choose Archicad.

  1. Ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Archicad is designed by the architects for architects. The complete workflow of architectural design reflects & covers the structure of the software. Modelling tools enable a fast, seamless and intuitive work through the design process and you can easily model your building in 3D in a perspective view.
  • The graphical user interface is intuitive, interactive, and quick to learn and fun to work with: the most relevant tools, editing and input options are always at ease. Numerous on screen input aids, such as the smart cursor, the magic wand, guidelines, snap guides and the pet palette enables fast an accurate work
  1. Productivity
  • Automated Documentation: It simplifies the repeated and consistent out of documentation sets
  • Automatic Connections of elements: The Intersections of construction elements automatically connect based on the intersection priority of building. Materials, which is controlled by the architects. There is no need to manually adjust intersections.
  • Integrated Libraries of smart objects: over 3000 building object are provided by Archicad, localized to national standards, ready to be placed into your design.
  1. Open Collaboration & Information Management
  • Archicad’s IFC based open design workflow enables architects to seamlessly collaborate with structural and MEP engineers or others stakeholders of the AEC industry. It is internationally recognized as the BIM solution which provide the most comprehensive IFC import & export.
  • Archicad enables error-free information management and model-based design analysis & coordination
  • Various files formats can be easily readable and can be written in Archicad.
  1. Professional Presentation
  • BIMx: free access to your model: BIMx is a mobile app which make BIM projects accessible to everyone. Just you have to download the app and there you can present or view any BIM project on your mobile device (both on Android and iOS). With BIMx web viewer there you can easily view any BIM project in web browser without installing app.
  • The built in rendering engine: Cineware- cineware enables the creation of professional photo realistic rendering. Archicad also offer direct export to cinema HD, Artlantis twin motion and 3ds Max to create professional animations
  1. Teamwork
  • Architects provided with fast and secure real time teamwork amongst themselves because of BIM cloud
  1. Algorithmic Design: A live, bidirectional connection is offered by the Archicad Rhino-Grasshopper toolset which enable architects to work with freeform, algorithmic design geometries and accurately transform these into full-fledged BIM elements
  2. Availability: In 28 languages Archicad is available as well as it work both on macOS & windows

On the basis of above points which reflects that Archicad is the best BIM software to buy, for more information contact our experts.