You’re looking for new plastic injection molding simulation software but aren’t sure where or how to begin your search, or what exactly to look for in such software. Then consider the following suggestions to assist you in selecting the best software for you.

  1. SPEED OF COMPUTING: Computing speed is critical because, in most cases, you will want to compare different variants to identify the best solution rather than just calculate a single simulation.
  2. HIGHEST ACCURACY: Without precise results, even the quickest program is useless to you. The results still do not fully reflect reality, which is not state of the art. To the best of your ability, the program you select should be, though. This information can be obtained beforehand, for instance, by rendering a service. Another benefit is that you may apply the outcomes right away for an ongoing project.
  3. Ease of Use: Simulation software is a sophisticated and effective tool. If you are introducing it for the first time, you and your staff will need to learn how to utilize it. When comparing different software manufacturers, look for simple menu navigation. Otherwise, you’ll make it more difficult for yourself to get started.
  4. Presentation of Results: Results that are pertinent should be simple to access, understand, and communicate. Questions to consider include: What export formats does the software support? Are the findings you require simply accessible, and how simple is it to analyze and share them with clients and colleagues?
  5. Optimization Function: If you want to achieve the best outcome given all parameters, you must run a large number of simulations. You might be able to accomplish this manually with 10 variations. This will no longer be feasible with 40, 50, or more versions. As a result, your programme should have an automated optimization tool. German-language assistance and proximity to the software’s development team are huge pluses.
  6. Integrability: The simulation software and other software applications should work together as seamlessly as feasible. This is true for both downstream apps that deal with machine settings or quality assurance as well as upstream software like your CAD programme.
  7. Good Support: You’ll need assistance and have some queries, especially in the beginning. For you and your team to swiftly catch up and make the most of the new procedure, timely and effective assistance is crucial.


With CADMOULD, you can predict and shape what will happen inside the mold – from filling, through packing, to cooling and shrinkage and warpage.

Before you make your mold, it test various materials and altered part designs digitally to avoid wasting resources like materials, machine time, and engineering labour.

Prevent problems from occurring by anticipating them and resolving them, such as filling problems like air entrapments and weld lines, or shrinkage and warpage problems.

Enhance cycle times, energy consumption, material waste reduction, and your environmental footprint

Improve your communication and cooperation with your departmental colleagues. Part and mold engineers can work more effectively with machine setters and measurement personnel by viewing the findings.

With Superior accuracy and multi-sim speed, CADMOULD will deliver better result, faster!

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